Life of Lisa Ann (2017)

Lisa Ann is an American pornstar (instagram account @thereallisaann) who has been one of the internet’s sensations in the world of porn. She is extremely popular across the English-speaking countries of the world, according to PornHub search results.


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Lisa Ann is Fleshlight Girl

Her real name is Lisa Anne Corpora and was born in 1972, on May 9th. At this stage in her career, Lisa is retired. However, when she wasn’t retired she had done quite enough to keep people talking about her career in the porn industry since.


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In regards to her body, she is a dark brunette with a beautiful-shaped body that will drive many viewers insane.

In many of the scenes she has done, Lisa Ann is considered petite and is quite popular among those who loves smaller bodies. She is only 5 ft. 2 but she makes up for it in her powerful performances. Ignoring her breast implants, Lisa is perfectly natural, with no tattoos and sometimes with a little hair down under.

She had a very thrilling and unique debut in the world of adult entertainment.

Although it is illegal, Lisa started out as a stripper at the early age of 16.

She was able to obtain the gig by using a fake ID and lying about her age. She was first featured in an adult movie back in 1993, however, she retired in 1997. After quite an extensive break, Lisa decided to return to the industry in 2006.


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It was then that she worked as a director at first and then once again as a performer. Her most famous and well-known moment is the parody she did of Sarah Palin, the American Republican congresswoman from Alaska. The movie is known as Who’s Nailin’ Paylin? This particular film was produced by Hustler and launched on the election day of 2008. This was an incredible time in her career as she able to gain quite a lot of popularity from this video due to the time in which it was released.

To not many people’s knowledge, she later played the same role in Eminem’s music video for his single “We made you”. 

Over the years, Lisa Ann has done hundreds of scenes with the majority of them being after the 2008 Palin film. Every piece of her work bought her extensive amounts of recognition and awards.


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The most notable award that she received was the 2011 XBIZ Award for “The Best MILF performer”. Not only that, but she also made a staggering online success in which she was considered the position of 43/50 for the most searched women on the internet in 2012 – according to Google.


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Lisa Ann with Sara Jay and Nina Kayy

Not many people are aware, but Lisa Ann’s off-stage life is just as interesting as her on stage performances.

It was an AIDS scare that hit the Hollywood porn industry in 1997 which triggered Lisa Ann to quit porn and open a Spa.

Business was going quite well for a while but she ended up returning to porn in 2006. Lisa now lives in New York City where she likes to spend quite a bit of time with NBA players. Whether you knew it or not, she is a huge fan of sports. According to various interviews she gave to a number of publications and websites, her dream job was to be a sports agent or a sports reporter.

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