Life of August Ames (2017)

August Ames (pornstar, instagram account @msmaplefever) is a newcomer in the porn industry, but she has managed to have conquered everything and everyone. She is quite young, yet so successful. She was born August 23rd 1994 in Nova Scotia, Canada. Ames’ Dad was in the army; therefore, she was forced to move around quite a bit. Ultimately, she began meeting lots of people and learning how to deal with the world in early life.


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She has a couple of tattoos, including “Born Wild” written on her stomach, and several piercings, including one in her tongue and other in her bellybutton. Keep reading if you would love to learn more about her career!

August Ames started her career in the porn industry in 2013, and since, has been named “one of the best newcomers”.


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This was due to almost flawless look that surprisingly is not very common in the adult industry. You’ll also find that August wasn’t dragged into the industry like many girls.

She was just bored of her small Canadian town, so she sent some sexy submissions to many agencies and one responded.

Simple as that. In just a couple of weeks she received her first contract, in a solo stocking porn. After only 48 months in the industry, she almost had 150 scenes in her portfolio. However, she has already won awards, one from AVN for the “Cutest Newcomer” (Cutest Newcomer August Ames, by Erika Jordan), and the other from XCRO for the “Best Cream category”. She has been nominated for numerous more awards due to her outstanding performances in the industry.


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August Ames has worked with some of the world’s leading porn companies: MofosReality KingsWicked PicturesBrazzers and 21Sextury. When it comes to what she performs, August Ames has no limits. From solo and lesbian to boy/girl, group sex and even water sports, she is into everything. This is why she is so versatile and can be cast in a number of porn scenes. As long as the camera is rolling, she is up for anything that might make her fans happy.

In just two years she accomplished more in the porn industry than most of the models accomplished in their entire career. 


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August is unsure to what the future holds for her, but she has made it quite clear that she has no interest in retiring from the porn industry any time soon. She hopes to one day build her own site and merge into webcamming and feature dancing.  

Before entering into the porn star category, Ames had experimented with both boys and girls. She had a three-month relationship with a French girl + 20 sex partners before porn.


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However, she also sees herself as slightly nerdy. She’s a Marvel fan and loves X-Men. Gamers will be pleased to know that she is very much into games. She into the GTA series and other racing simulator games. To summarize, August Ames is one of the most talented and wanted starlets of the moment. She is new, fresh and not only that, but she also has an interesting personality.


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